After-School Term Program

After-School Term Program

Photo: “Our Young Naturalists listen attentively to instructions for the use and care of microscopes before we begin our journey into the microscopic world of Nature, in our ‘Biodiversity under the Microscope’ workshop.”

The Young Naturalist presents 10-week After-School Term Programs complementing the ‘Living World’ strand of the Science and Technology syllabus in the Australian school curriculum.

Visit the NESA website to view the ‘Living World’  content description- (

Our Natural Sciences Term programs are engaging, hands-on learning activities providing the scientific foundations for children to investigate, understand and connect with Nature.

Children develop scientific investigation skills, increase their knowledge of our Natural World, and learn scientific language and terminology, as they examine our unique Australian biodiversity (our native plants, insects, and fungi).

Our programs are designed for Stage 2 and 3 students (8 to 12 years old) and will be continually updated and adapted to challenge students as they progress in their learning.

Our Young Naturalists will learn to make their own specimen preparations, use research microscopes to examine their specimens and will use our Young Naturalist taxonomic identification keys to identify the plants, insects, and fungi under examination.

Students will be introduced to different Families of plants, Groups of fungi and Orders of insects each term, stimulating curiosity & nurturing their sense of wonder each week.

Through scientific investigation and connection with Nature our students develop self-confidence, social skills, increased cognitive abilities and a positive outlook on life.

Term programs are conducted on school-grounds in a dedicated classroom/library/hall, one day per week for 2.5 hours/day after school finishes. Student enrolments are taken on a Term basis and participant numbers are strictly limited.

The Term Program Fee is $500/term/student. The Young Naturalist is applying for NSW Creative Kids Provider Status so parents will be able to redeem their $100 Creative Kids Vouchers against one Term fee per year.

To enquire about hosting The Young Naturalist After-school Term Programs at your primary school please submit an enquiry via our ‘Connect With Us’ page.

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