Weekend Activities

Weekend Activities

Photo: “A Young Naturalist discovers the intricate detail of native Epacris microphylla flowers, using a hand lens, in our ‘Biodiversity Citizen Science’ workshop.” Image Credit: Ela Bayliss

The Young Naturalist presents Outdoor Nature Connection activities on select Saturdays, for children aged between 8 and 16 years.

  • Our Scientific Nature Photography weekend activities introduce older children to the key morphological characters/features used to scientifically identify Families of Plants, Groups of Fungi and Orders of Insects so their photographs convey valuable scientific information, facilitating valid taxonomic identification in iNaturalist.
    This activity is suitable for children aged 12 to 16 years who possess a keen eye for observation, a keen interest in Nature photography and an understanding of scientific investigation.

Please note This workshop does not provide instruction in the operation of DSLR cameras. A basic camera/mobile device with a macro lens function is suitable. Participants are responsible for their own personal items and the Young Naturalist will not be held liable for any damage, loss, or theft of any personal items.

  • Our Biodiversity Citizen Science weekend activities enable children to develop tangible connections with Nature, outdoors, as they explore native habitat and discover the plants, insects, and fungi that inhabit our Natural World. Our Young Naturalists learn about Citizen Science and contribute their observations to Australian Biodiversity Discovery projects in iNaturalist.

Please Note: Children do not require a camera/mobile device to participate in this activity, as our group observations will be uploaded to iNaturalist by the instructor. Children who bring a camera/mobile device, do so at their own risk and are solely responsible for their own personal items.

All Young Naturalist weekend activities consist of 2.5-hours, held outdoors, in parks with native habitat. The cost is $35/child/activity. Please check our Home page for the current schedule and locations. To register your interest please enquire via the ‘Connect With Us’ page.

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