School Holiday Workshops

School Holiday Workshops

Photo: “Our Young Naturalists learning to use hand lenses to observe the intricate detail and distinguishing characteristics of plants, fungi and insects, in our ‘Biodiversity Under the Microscope’ workshop.”

The Young Naturalist presents engaging, scientific Nature education programs for children aged between 8 and 16 years, in each of the NSW School Holiday periods.

In 2021 the programs we offer include:

1. Biodiversity under the Microscope
2. Biodiversity Citizen Science with iNaturalist Australia
3. Creating Biodiverse Habitats

Workshops are $50/student/workshop. The Young Naturalist is applying for NSW Creative Kids Provider Status so parents will be able to redeem their $100 Creative Kids Vouchers for two workshops. Participant numbers are strictly limited.

Please register your interest in our School Holiday Workshops via our ‘Connect With Us’ page.

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