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The Young Naturalist is a social enterprice the brainchild of two scientists, who have combined their passions for Nature and education with their scientific training in botany, taxonomy, microscopy, mycology, entomology, and biodiversity.

We deliver innovative and engaging Nature Education Workshops and participation in Citizen Science for children as school incursions, after-school programs, and vacation workshops, aligned with the Living World curriculum.

 “The Young Naturalist nurtures the future custodians of our Natural World by providing the knowledge and the scientific language for children to investigate, understand and connect with Nature”
Learn more about our wonderful Australian Biodiversity through
the eyes of The Young Naturalist”.

The story of ‘The First flower to be featured on an Australian stamp’
Actinotus helianthi

and its little sister Actinotus minor

Want to see the story click on the Flower

November 2020

The story of ‘The Big Bad Banksia Men’
Banksia serrata

Many children would be familiar with ‘The Big Bad Banksia Men’ from May Gibbs’ stories of the Australian gumnut babies, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

The question is… who are The Big Bad Banksia Men?

Want to see the story click on the ‘Big Eyes

December 2020

The Young Naturalist

The Young Naturalist is a social enterprise providing children’s science-based Nature education programs.

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