Biodiversity Citizen Science with iNaturalist Australia

The Young Naturalist leads students in Biodiversity Citizen Science participation with iNaturalist Australia

Photo: “A Young Naturalist learning to photograph the key morphological characters of native plants to facilitate accurate identification using the iNaturalist app, in our ‘Biodiversity Citizen Science’ workshop.” Image Credit: Ela Bayliss

Students connect with nature through:

  • Nature Discovery Experiences
  • Scientific Investigation in the field (Citizen Science)
  • Photography
  • Nature Journaling

The Young Naturalist taxonomic identification keys introduce students to the key characters required to identify plants, fungi, and insects in the field.

Students develop a keen eye for observation and learn to record and contribute observations to Nature Discovery projects, advancing scientific knowledge of Australian biodiversity by contributing discoveries to the Atlas of Living Australia.

Our Young Naturalists advance scientific knowledge of Australian biodiversity.

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