School Incursions

School Incursions

Photo: “Two Young Naturalists take a close look at a variety of Australian insect specimens, including the first insect described in Australia- the Botany Bay Diamond Weevil, Chrysolopus spectabilis, and a specimen of the fascinating spiny leaf insect, Exatostoma tiaratum (also known as Macleay’s Spectre Phasmid), in our ‘Biodiversity Under the Microscope’ workshop.”

The Young Naturalist presents a 90-minute incursion program, per class group.

Choose from:
1. Biodiversity under the Microscope
2. Biodiversity Citizen Science with iNaturalist Australia
3. Creating Biodiverse Habitats

Please see ‘Our Programs’ page for descriptions.
Incursions are $13.50/student.

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