Every child born into this world has the innate pleasure, delight, interest and curiosity in the natural world, (but) none will care about what they haven’t experienced”

Sir David Attenborough

Photo:”The excitement of a Young Naturalist as he uses different methods to magnify and view the eggs of a violet-winged stick insect, 
Didymuria violescens, cicada shells and the Australian Leaf Insect (Phyllium monteithi), in our ‘Biodiversity Under the Microscope’ workshop.”

Our Mission

To “bring biodiversity to life and connect children with Nature through hands-on, science-based, Nature discovery programs,
school holiday workshops
and experiences.

The Young Naturalist’s upcoming EVENTS

*Saturday, 13th August 2022*
Canada Bay Council Science Fair for
National Science Week
at The Event Space, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes.

Our display table:
Discover a world of insects with The Young Naturalist! 

Our oral presentation:
Discover the world of insects through
Biodiversity Citizen Science.

For more information here.

*Saturday, 27th August 2022*
Scout NSW Environment Camp
at Glenfield Scout Activity Centre.

“Magical Harry Potter”

Our activities:
Biodiversity and Incredible Insects!

*Saturday, 3rd September 2022*
Inner West Council Footprints Ecofestival
at Whites Creek Valley Park.

Our display table:
Discover the plants, fungi, and invertebrates
Pamela the long-nosed bandicoot, encounters
during her nocturnal adventures.

Our workshop:
‘Nature Photography’ from 1:00 to 2:00

For more information here.

The Young Naturalist  is leading children on
Journeys of Discovery in our Natural World

in our workshops at Sydney Olympic Park,
in the September school holidays!

27th, 28th and 29th

Please enquire via our ‘Connect with Us’ tab”

Our Workshops




Join our Journey of Discovery
in Nature with iNaturalist

Click on the links to see our latest discoveries

Young Naturalist_aus Project
Young Naturalist_au Project
Dr Fiona Benyon

The Young Naturalist is a social enterprise, co-founded by Dr Fiona Benyon and
Dr Aniuzka Kazandjian, who are combining their passion for Nature and education with their scientific training in botany, mycology, entomology and biodiversity.

Our Vision

To nurture the future custodians of our Natural World by providing the scientific skills, knowledge and language for children to investigate, understand and connect with Nature.

We invite your children to join The Young Naturalist journey and make their own discoveries in Nature…
Connecting children with Nature,
Dr Fiona & Dr Aniuzka

The Young Naturalist leads children on journeys of discovery inscientific investigation of the extraordinary diversity of Australian plants, insects, and fungi, using-

microscopic investigation
-scientific illustration
-Citizen Science
-Nature Journaling
-field sketching
-live insect displays
-educational games
-native habitat design, planting & restoration

Our programs enhance children’s well-being by stimulating their curiosity in the Natural World, nurturing their sense of wonder, and providing a sense of belonging in our world.

Our programs align with the Living World curriculum and provide scientific investigation experiences for students through school incursions, after-school programs, weekend activities and school holiday workshops.

Our social enterprise values are to inspire respect for Nature, provide scientific foundations for children, be role models for girls in science, enhance children’s well-being and support women in science by creating child-friendly employment opportunities.

The Young Naturalist NOTICES

Spiny Leaf Insects aka Macleay’s Spectre Phasmids
(Extatosoma tiaratum)

Caring for leaf insects is a great way for children and students
to connect with Nature.
Endemic to Australia, these interesting insects are easy to care for as they feed on Australian gum leaves.

Suitable for schools, pre-schools and home.

Available as the insect only (from $15 each) or
with mesh terrarium (from $30 for small size).

Please enquire and order through our ‘Connect with Us’ form.



We are thrilled to announce that The Young Naturalist is the
of the small business category of the 
2021 Canon Oceania Grants.

We would like to thank our wonderful supporters and the wider community for voting for The Young Naturalist and supporting our mission “to bring biodiversity to life and connect children with Nature”.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to #CanonAustralia for providing this incredible opportunity and for sharing The Young Naturalist’s vision “to nurture the future custodians of our Natural World.”


-Dr Aniuzka Kazandjian received her Australian Citizenship-
on 26th January 2022
She was featured in the official Australia Day Video screened at the
Sydney Opera House ‘Live Concert’ on Australia Day
and broadcast nationally on ABC TV.
To view Aniuzka’s Citizenship Ceremony interview, which features footage from
The Young Naturalist workshops
please visit
and watch from 1:13:52 to 1:17:24.

The Young Naturalist “On-Demand Online Workshop”

‘Investigating Biodiversity in the Littoral Rainforest’

Journey into the littoral rainforest to investigate the extraordinary diversity of plants, insects, fungi & animals that inhabit this unique ecosystem.

-Includes Ecosystem Activity Sheet-

Send booking request via our ‘Connect with us’ form.


The Young Naturalist is delighted to share that Co-founder, Dr Fiona Benyon inspired the winning suggestion for the common name of the endangered wattle- Acacia meiantha as part of the Saving our Species ‘Name our Species’ competition. This gorgeous species will now be commonly known as
Barradam-bang or Bright Star wattle!

See: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6709097758747443200/
Image Credit- Gavin Phillips, DPIE.

The Young Naturalist is in the NEWS
-The Leader-

“Sutherland Shire’s The Young Naturalist has won a Canon Oceania Grant for Small Business, with cash and camera prizes to help young people document nature.”

https://www.the leader.com.au/story/74440870/kids-nature-workshop-enterprise-wins-canon-cash-and-products/?cs=12

The Young Naturalist Directors are proud members of the following Professional Societies, Nature Conservation Organisations and Study Groups.

The Young Naturalist

The Young Naturalist is a social enterprise providing children’s science-based Nature education programs.



The Young Naturalist
Science and Nature
days to remember
in 2022


Connect with us

Dr Fiona H. L. Benyon

(+61) 423 052 692

Dr Aniuzka Kazandjian

(+61) 497 761 326

The Young Naturalist Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we meet. We pay respect to Ancestors and Elders, past, present, and future and recognise their unique cultural and spiritual relationship with this land. We celebrate the contributions of First Nations people to Australia.

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